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Hi there you beautiful human and exhalo Dream Team member!

Welcome to your staff portal where you will find a quick reference for anything you may need and MORE!


As the DREAM TEAM we have carefully curated our COH to reflect WHO we are, WHAT we represent and HOW we work so seamlessly together sharing a respected space. Please click on the above team icon to review our COH.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Facebook Group


 information about team meetings, exciting events and upcoming learning opportunities are all posted on our EXHALO DREAM TEAM Facebook group please click on our above FB icon to visit the group.


Exhalo Facebook Page

Exhalo Kanata Page





March 2024

Barrhaven- Wed. 6th  @9:00AM-10AM

Kanata- Mon 4th @9:00AM 10AM

April 2024

Barrhaven- April 4th @9:00-10AM

Kanata- Tues. 2nd @9:00AM 10AM

May 2024

Barrhaven- TBD @9:00-10AM

Kanata- TBD @9:00AM 10AM


Summer staff Celebration :


August 12th


Eminence Organics - New Charcoal line

Free for all staff Tues. Jan. 24th

10-11:30am at Kanata


HPSA - Orlando

March 2nd - 6th


Staff TRELLO Board

Our staff TRELLO board will feature all of our outlined protocols for each service, along with other learning materials to increase your knowledge of our protocols and policies.

 You will also find some of our allergen guides here so you can be ready and well informed with any of your clients sensitivities. You can access TRELLO from both your computer or download the free app on your phone, a great resource to keep at your fingertips at all time. Just swipe right for all the information you need to toggle between boards and info.

To access your board use our DREAMTEAM login as follows;


Pswd: dreamteam2017

Salt Machine Operations

please follow this direct link for a guide on our


Feeling Sick?

Feeling under the weather and need a shift covered?

Please follow our protocol:

1. Please make sure your first contact is to the MAIN group chat on messenger - (not sure where to find it - click on the icon above to open up our Facebook page and use the messenger app)You never know who may see it first and be able to help out. We appreciate everyone pitching in, so please if your fellow dreamteam member can't make it and you may be able to help - let us know so we can accomadate our amazing clients. 

Thanks in advance wonder women!

Current Promotions

Wondering what we are able to offer clients looking to elevate their services or wondering what promotion we have on our natural skin , body and hair lines? You will find everything you need to know by simply clicking on the icon above! 

HPSA Learning Videos

Follow Youtube videos of Jason and his HPSA crew that will help you increase your sales, client base and knowledge.

 Its not all learning there's tons of fun to be had as they talk about how EPIC this industry really is, just click the play button to get started! 

Time Off Request

Need to take a day or a week off for some much needed self-care? We support that, but please follow our simple rules.

1. Fill out the vacation/ time off form which you will find if you click on the palm tree.


2.  Worked more than a year, you are entitled to 2 regular working weeks( 10 days off in one calendar year), but you can get fancy and switch or trade a day of equal or more value. 

5 years or more congratulations you have earned 3 weeks. 

Don't forget your vacation pay is paid out on every paycheck, it is never withheld.


What we carry​

Wondering about what we carry, and who makes what amazing creations?

Click on the image above for a list you will of all our locally made products here in ON along with some epic small businesses we carry. 


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